Vinyl flooring Cleaning in Southend On Sea

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Vinyl flooring comes in several different finishes and a wide variety of colours, patterns and textures.

The most common form is sheet material which is used in both large and small areas. Other types include tiles and more recently you can get vinyl in plank form that replicates floor boards.

All types are very resilient and hard wearing and have long been a popular choice for areas that attract high volumes of foot traffic.  

Large areas such as halls, corridors and exhibition centres often opt for smooth sheet vinyl. It is generally easier to clean and maintain than safety flooring which due to the non-slip qualities attracts accumulations of soiling which are harder to remove without mechanical assistance.

The floor in our study is a well used and typical example of a vinyl floor that was laid more for practicality than aesthetics.

It serves the Southend On Sea Air cadets and as you can imagine with all the hectic activity and squadrons of Air Cadets constantly drilling and training, it gets more than its fair share of wear and tear.

Heavily soiled and worn vinyl flooring in Southend on Sea

The vinyl flooring as you can see in the before photograph is heavily worn and has suffered by many scratches and other surface damage from wear.

With one hundred and sixty plus square meters to deep clean and seal, we had our work cut out for us.

The first order of the work as always is to identify what previous products have been applied to floor. Often in this type of work there is a build of old products such as sealers or polishes.

Removing many layers of old sealer can be a difficult task and it will require specialist chemicals and heavy duty mechanical aid.  For all types of floor polish stripping great care needs to be taken with both handling and application of the chemicals.

Too much and the floor could easily become discoloured, too little and you will find that the task could take days to accomplish.

At Simply Floor Cleaning Ltd we have seen and effectively dealt with some of the worst cases of excessive polish build up that I have witnessed in a career, spanning over thirty years in the commercial cleaning industry.


Once the chemical solution has been mixed and applied to the floor, it is then of upmost importance to keep the floor wet so the chemical remains active.

Mechanical cleaning of the flooring is then required to penetrate through the surface layers and reach the actual surface of the vinyl.

The vinyl is often worn and scratched, so deep cleaning it is imperative to enable the removal of the soiling and products that get embedded into the vinyl surface.

The cleaning process has to be done thoroughly, often taking several passes with the machine to loosen and remove the imbedded soiling.

The other part of the deep clean method is to effectively collect and remove the slurry that is left from the mechanical cleaning.

A powerful wet vacuum effectively removes the mess and leaves the floor ready for rinsing.

Rinsing with fresh water removes any remaining soiling and also neutralises and removes any chemical residue left from the cleaning process.

As is the case with this floor, the flooring will then require a polish or sealer to protect the surface from further ingress of soiling into the worn surface.

Vinyl floor in Southend on Sea deep cleaned and polished

This particular job was completed within one working day and you can see yourself the transformation that took place.

Periodic cleaning will be required with this type of floor and by employing a specialist floor cleaning company, even heavily soiled and worn vinyl floors can be restored to an astounding finish.