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We have worked upon many heavily soiled Altro and Vinyl floors. Dealing with all types of jobs ranging from large commercial one’s like this new NHS facility in north London to small residential kitchens and bathrooms.

The common denominator is that the client in most cases has started their search on line looking for an Altro floor cleaning service.

We do get a lot of recommendations and repeat business over the years, however most people do not start their search for a specialist floor cleaning service until the floor is in a condition that is beyond the capabilities of other general cleaning services.

Floors in a condition like this one after the construction of a new health facility require a specialist floor cleaning company to restore the floor to its newly laid condition. 

Altro floor cleaning

The chemical solution works on the breakdown of the compacted dusts and soiling allowing us to start the cleaning process using a specially designed rotary cleaning machine.

Different areas of the facility, depending on the level of soiling and building products compacted into the floor surface required us to change the pressure applied to the cleaning process. We achieve this by increasing or decreasing the weight applied to the cleaning disk of the machine.

The resulting slurry created by the agitation of the rotary cleaning process is then extracted from the floor surface removing months of compounded dusts and dirt’s.  The process will at times need to be repeated as one pass may not deal with the most heavily soiled Altro flooring.

Deep cleaning Altro Flooring

It is always a satisfying part of the work when the floor tool of the extraction machine passes over the resulting mud bath created from the emulsification and agitation. There is also an air of anticipation on whether or not it will reveal a clear floor surface under the mess.

Although the work and the process can be similar in Altro and Vinyl floor cleaning, you never know quite what you will be dealing with. Often a variation of chemical solutions and cleaning methods will be required to deal with certain types of soiling/dusts.

Altro Floor Cleaning

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The next part of the process is to completely neutralise the floor surface to ensure all the chemical residue has been removed and the floor is left in a clean and fresh smear free condition. This will require regular refreshing of the water, failure to observe this part of the procedure will result in an unsatisfactory finish.

On some types of Altro and Vinyl flooring the surface can then be buffed using a high speed machine and a maintenance solution, to leave the floor with a natural and refreshing shine.