Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to get my floor cleaned?

There are many variants in how we break down costs, the principal components are

1)       the size of the area

2)      The floor type

3)      If there is any surface coatings that require removal

4)      What type of finish is required on the floor

How long will the works take ?

That depends entirely on the size of the floor and what work is required, for straightforward works of cleaning and sealing  to standard size areas ,we usually complete the works within 1 working day.

Is the cleaning process very disruptive ?

As a general rule the process can be a bit noisy when the machines are working as they have powerful extraction vacuums that can be noisy. The process is contained within the works area and surrounding surfaces protected so not much mess to worry about. We do require a clear area to work within and for access throughout the works without any disturbances to the process.

Will you move the furniture ?

We do require the areas to be cleared of all movable furniture as best as possible, heavy items that are not movable can often be worked around. Our standard costs do not include the moving of furniture, although we are accommodating if you require assistance in moving a piece or 2 that you cannot mange alone.

Do you offer a Guarantee ?

We guarantee that the work will be done to the best achievable finish, if you are not fully satisfied and inform us within 24 hours of our visit and we will revisit to review the works to satisfaction.

How far in advance do we need to book the service ?

Ideally you should give as much notice as possible, our work load varies from time to time, however as a general rule we should be able to schedule your work within 2 weeks.

I have under floor heating, will it affect the cleaning ?

We request that the under floor heating is shut down a few hours before our visit and not started again until the process is complete and any seal has fully cured.

I’m not sure if my wood floor needs resurfacing or just cleaning ?

if your floor has been heavily damaged by wear and any surface seal has started to wear off, dirt will start to ingrain in the wood, at this point to fully restore the floor full sanding may be required.

If the surface seal is just soiled and scuffed, cleaning and enhancing will usually restore the look and offer protection.

If the floor is oiled, it can usually be deep cleaned and re-oiled without the requirement of sanding.

Builders have left my floor with grout all over it, can it be removed ?

It usually depends on the extent of the grout, thickness of residue and how long it has been cured. We have successfully cleaned many floors with this issue using an acid wash solution, which is then neutralised. It gets really difficult if the grout has already been sealed in with a topical type sealer.