Slate Floor Cleaning In Leigh on Sea

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One of the most satisfying things at the end of a working day is to look back and see what you have achieved.

This heavily soiled slate floor was the perfect challenge.

When the owners of the property in Leigh on Sea decided to make some modifications to the kitchen, an Island was removed revealing the true condition the slate had deteriorated to.

It’s often hard to notice how dull and dark a slate floor becomes until a piece of furniture that has been in place for many years is suddenly moved.

Luckily for them, their online search for professional slate floor cleaning led them to Simply Floor Cleaning Ltd, who happened to be located just a few roads away.

We quickly assessed the floor and scheduled a slate floor deep clean. The owners were unsure of what type of seal to choose and were toying with a gloss look as the floor was dark and dull.

 We advised them judging from what they explained that after the slate was deep cleaned. The colours would once again be bright and a satin finish would complement the floor perfectly.

The first stage was to pre soak the slate with a mixture of chemicals that help to break down the soiling and also the previous old sealant.

Once the slate had been emulsified with the chemicals we began the deep clean using a heavy weight rotary floor machine. The floor machine was fitted with a medium hard bristled scrubbing brush and within a few minutes the resulting slurry looked like a mud bath.

Working in sections the floor was deep cleaned and the slurry extracted off. After the extraction the floor is then mopped several times with clean water to neutralise the chemicals are remove any remaining residue.

This floor required the intense deep clean process to be performed twice before we finally managed to remove all the old soiling and seal.

Once the slate floor had been cleaned and thoroughly neutralised, a mechanical drier was used to ensure the slate and grout was completely dry prior to the application of the surface seal.

Applying a seal to a textured or riven slate floor can be difficult as the tiles and natural slate patterns run in all directions.

To ensure an even application each tile has to have the seal applied in cross patterns. This ensures the seal reaches and penetrates all the nooks and crannies of the tile surface.

Once the first coat has been applied and before it dries completely any excess has to be removed with a clean applicator.

The second coat should not be applied until the first coat has gone off and it is touch dry This normally requires 1-2 hours, depending upon conditions.

Finally the second coat should be applied working from a new direction to further ensure that the surface gets complete coverage.

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With modern day slate sealer the product can be dry within a few hours, although it will usually require 24-48 hours before the product has fully cured and hardened.

Light use only is recommended within this period to avoid scuffing or scrapping the seal while it is still potentially soft.

The results speak for themselves, complete transformation. Slate floor deep cleaned, sealed and restored to its former glory within one day.