Limestone Cleaning in Leigh on Sea, Essex

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Leigh on Sea is a small but wonderfully diverse area which is close to our heart. It also happens to be where we are based.

So it’s always a pleasure to provide our specialist Limestone Cleaning Services to members of the local community.

The floor in our article had only recently been sealed according to our client.Unfortunately it suffered from a spillage of a strong cleaning chemical which had stripped off part of the sealer that was applied.

In addition there were also some scratches to the stone that although fairly light in depth drove our client mad.

When I assessed the floor she was at the stage of regretting ever having the floor fitted in the first place. My goal then, was to change her mind and deliver a beautiful floor that she would get pleasure from looking at.

Limestone floor before cleaning

In order to remove the chemical marks it was necessary to lightly resurface the stone. This is what we term as stone deep cleaning.

Stone deep cleaning is sometimes confused with complete grinding down of the stone, however in most cases this may not be necessary.

The majority of the stone floors that are under ten years old and in residential properties, we find can be effectively deep cleaned, sealed and then polished. This eliminates the need for messy and evasive procedures such as grinding of the stone.

We use specialist machines that can be weight adjusted to suit the degree of deep cleaning required.

In this case, the majority of the floor surface was deep cleaned using the lowest weight setting of the machine.  Then the weight was increased to remove the light scratches from specific areas.

The process is tackled in stages, firstly using a coarse diamond pad to remove surface sealers and soiling.

The second stage is repeated with a less coarse diamond pad and so forth.

Once the floor has been cleaned and finished using a fine pad to hone the floor slightly a stone sealer is used to impregnate the raw stone.

The sealer absorbs into the stone and protects it from staining without changing the stones appearance.

As you can see in our finished floor photo, the stone is polished. This isn’t achieved with a sealer. We don’t recommend using glossy type surface sealers on stone, as they tend to give an unnatural look to what after all is a natural product.

We do sometimes come across stone floors that have been treated with these types of sealers and we start by assessing what they are and then removing them.

The stone floor in our photo has been polished using a natural process that adds to the depth of the shine achieved by the three stage deep cleaning process.

Limestone floor deep cleaned and polished in Leigh on Sea

Once the floor cleaning, sealing and polishing is complete, we always neutralise the stone and remove any surface residue.

Then adding a small amount of stone soap to the final wash helps the final stage which is high speed buffing.

A separate machine is required for the final process as the heavy duty stone cleaning equipment doesn’t have the speed to add the final polish.

The process is highly specialised and should only be undertaken from a professional floor cleaning company with a proven track record.