Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout cleaning and cleaning stone or slate floors especially can present many issues. Many ceramic and porcelain floor tiles have pitted and uneven surfaces, these prevent effective cleaning and cause surface accumulation of dirt and soils that can be difficult to remove.

Deep cleaning ceramic and porcelain tile and grout is best achieved by first emulsifying the tile surface with a specialist floor cleaning solution, industrial floor cleaning machines are then used to lift and extract the resulting slurry. The floor cleaning process is then completed by neutralising and on glazed tiles, spay buffing can be undertaken after deep cleaning to enhance the appearance.

Terracotta and quarry tile although kiln fired can often be porous and will in most cases require sealing to protect from absorbing stains.

We start the floor cleaning process by chemical stripping of the old surface coatings, a wide range of waxes, sealers and polishes get applied to these tiles over the years. Cleaning terracotta tiles is usually very labour intensive even with specialist equipment; however the results are often quite dramatic and well worth the effort. Grout cleaning using chemical and specially designed grout brushes, each grout line is agitated to dislodge the soil accumulation.

The final part of the tile grout cleaning process is achieved by mechanical means, either with a rotary floor machine fitted with brushes or with the use of our high pressure cleaning extraction system, sometime both operations are required to achieve the best results.

Sealing grout can be achieved by specially formulated impregnating sealers that absorb into the grout and dry without changing the appearance or if the grout has discoloured in areas colour grout seal may be applied to the grout to achieve a uniform overall appearance.