Terms and Conditions

Confirmation and deposit is required before work commences. Simply Floor Cleaning Ltd reserves the right to amend the initial quotation, should the Client's original requirements change. If a Simply Floor Cleaning Ltd operative needs to collect keys from a third party's address outside the postal code of the premises where work is to be carried out then charges may apply. The Client's agrees to clear obstructions and ensure underfloor heating is off before Simply Floor Cleaning Ltd personnel arrival to the premises.
The Client agrees to provide free of charge power, water and any other facilities required for us to provide service. All floor-cleaning prices are subject to £65.00 minimum call out charge. The Client's responsibility is to arrange parking for our vehicle during the time spent at the Client's premises. Congestion charge will occur if the Client's property falls within the London Congestion Charge Zone.

Privacy statement:

The only information that we gather about you, is information that is given at the time of the booking. This information is collected lawfully and in accordance with: The Data Protection Act 1998 Simply Floor Cleaning Ltd respects user's personal privacy! Any and all information collected at this site will be kept strictly private. The Policy statement is an extension of our commitment to combine the finest quality services with the highest level of integrity in dealing with our clients, suppliers, associates and staff.


Simply Floor Cleaning Ltd has Public and Employer's Liability Insurance. The policy will cover any accidental damages cost by any personal working on behalf of Simply Floor Cleaning Ltd. The Clients accept and understand that any damages must be reported within 24 hours from the date the cleaning was carried out. Failure to do so will entitle the Client to nothing.
Simply Floor Cleaning Ltd advises that the Client or a Client's Representative must be present at the time of completion of the service so an inspection can be carried out and any corrections made on side on the same day before operators leave the premises. In case of damage Simply Floor Cleaning Ltd through its insurance company will repair or replace the item/s if it agrees that it caused the damage. If the item/s cannot be repaired Simply Floor Cleaning Ltd will rectify the problem through its insurance company by crediting the Client with the item/s if it is proven to be by our personnel.

If a Client is not completely satisfied with the cleaning services, Simply Floor Cleaning Ltd will re-clean any areas and item/s before the completion of the service on the same day. All fragile and highly breakable item/s must be secured or removed. Items excluded from liability are: cash and jewellery. Simply Floor Cleaning Ltd reserves the right not to continue with the job if on inspection, it is found that the material to be cleaned or treated is not suitable for cleaning or treatment. Simply Floor Cleaning Ltd also will not continue with the job if for example water or power is not available or if there is interference in the work from the Client or any other person. Clients should appreciate that floors often will not have a consistent appearance after cleaning by reason of differences in wear and tear. Sunlight will sometimes cause fading in areas of the floor and cleaning can not rectify this. Stains are not always visible before dirt is removed and it may not be possible to remove those stains completely. Simply Floor Cleaning Ltd will use its best efforts provide a good result but Clients are asked to be aware of these limitations which are common to all cleaning operations.


The Client agrees and authorizes Simply Floor Cleaning Ltd to charge any outstanding amounts owed to Simply Floor Cleaning Ltd with regards to the cleaning service provided plus parking and congestion fees (If any) All one-off cleaning services: Payment to be paid by Cash or Credit Card on the day plus parking fees or Congestion Charge Zone charges (If any). All bookings are subjected to a deposit. The balance will be taken in full from the Credit Card we hold on file after the cleaning is finished that day. Deposit will only be refunded if the booking is cancelled within 24 hours after you placed the booking. The client may be charged an administration fee if cleaning is not re-scheduled. The Client agrees that should Simply Floor Cleaning Ltd be forced to employ the services of a debt collection agency or institute legal proceedings in pursuit of payment, the Client will be liable to pay all costs incurred. The Client will be responsible for all bank and legal charges resulting from a Dishonoured Cheque. Payments for Regular Cleaning: Credit Card details from all new clients must be given when signing up for cleaning services with Simply Floor Cleaning Ltd. On the 7th day after receipt of your invoice we will take payment. All Credit Card details will be kept safe at all times. In the event of Simply Floor Cleaning Ltd being required to pay additional sums in respect of its staff by way of increase in wage rates, compulsory insurance contributions, Value Added Tax and the like over the amounts being paid by it at the date of the quotation,Simply Floor Cleaning Ltd reserves the right to charge an appropriate increase to the Client. In the event of such an increase Simply Floor Cleaning Ltd will provide the customer with an itemized account of such increase with its invoice. Cancellation: The Client may cancel the scheduled cleaning job at least 24 hours prior to the agreed start time. An administration fee of £30.00 + vat will be payable once a deposit has been received. The Client agrees to pay 40% of the quote as a cancellation fee if the Client cancels or changes the date/time less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. The Client agrees to pay 40% of the quote as a cancellation fee in the event of a lock-out cased by our cleaners being turned away; no one home to let them in; no water or power available at the Client's premises; or problem with the Client's keys. If keys are provided they must open the lock without any special efforts or skills. If an initial deposit has been paid to Simply Floor Cleaning Ltd then the Client agrees that deposit funds may be used to cover the cancellation fee.

After cancellation of the cleaning service:

By entering into a service agreement with Simply Floor Cleaning Ltd, the Client agrees that after the termination of the cleaning service and for a period up to 12 months he/she will not hire or use any cleaner provided to the Client by Simply Floor Cleaning Ltd. If the Client does wish to hire or use cleaning services provided by such a cleaner then he/she must pay a referral fee of £1,000+ Vat. By ordering Simply Floor Cleaning Ltd service by telephone, e-mail, fax or website, the Client agrees to be bound by Simply Floor Cleaning Ltd terms and conditions. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the relevant United Kingdom laws, and by agreeing to be bound by them the Client agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the relevant courts of the United Kingdom. Simply Floor Cleaning Ltd reserves the right to make any changes to any part of these terms and conditions without giving any prior notice. Please check this website for updates.