Sealer and Polish

Floor polish stripping is required when an existing floor polish has lost its bright appearance and has degraded through wear or due to poor maintenance. When no longer actively performing or offering adequate protection, removal of the old polish/dressing is necessary, prior to refinishing of the floor. It requires skill to achieve the correct consistency of application when oiling or polishing a floor. Professional application transforms a previously dull floor into a beautifully finished floor that both looks fantastic and offers a good level of

Sealing natural stone, slate and terracotta tiles. – Impregnating sealers

When cleaning natural stone or tiled floors, careful consideration must be given regarding protection and ongoing maintenance. An impregnating sealer which can be either water or spirit based will be absorbed by the tile on application. When the tile is fully saturated it presents a barrier beneath the surface of the tile and provides effective and long lasting protection for natural stone and slate without changing the appearance of the tile.

Sealing natural stone, slate and terracotta tiles. – Enhancing sealers

Enhancing stone sealers give depth to the colour of the stone as well as providing ongoing protection. These sealers are usually topical sealers which sit on the surface and after curing provide a protective barrier on the stone surface. They do change the appearance of the stone and usually provide a glossy effect, which enhances and gives depth to the finish.

Ongoing protection

Place a suitable dirt excluder outside of all entrances and a non-staining mat inside this will help protect your flooring. Up to 80% of the fine dusts and grit that damage floors are carried in on people’s shoes. Spillages should be cleaned up immediately.