Maintaining Polished Floors

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Floor should be swept and dust mopped daily,   following which soiling and marking can be removed using the appropriate method (or combination of methods for a ( systems approach) described below. 

Before commencing work, put out signs to warn people that cleaning is in progress.

 Daily sweeping and dust mopping

(i)   Pick up litter and thoroughly sweep the floor area.

(ii)  Pick up debris with dustpan and brush or vacuum.

(iii) Vacuum walk-off mats and crevices at entrance(s).

Manual mopping

Manual mopping is used for soil removal and some mark removal. Spray cleaning may be required for heavier surface marking.

(Note: In conditions of heavy soiling, perform a prewash by preparing a solution of floor maintainer diluted in accordance with the label and pre-wash heavily soiled areas).

Prepare a solution of Floor Maintainer diluted in accordance with label in warm to hot water to help breakdown surface soiling.

(i) Using a two-bucket mopping system, apply solution using a well-wrung mop to remove soiling.

(ii) Mop using overlapping strokes.

(iii) Rinse the mop frequently and change the solution as necessary.

(iv)  Allow entire area to dry thoroughly.

(v) Remove “Caution” signs.

Ensure all equipment is cleaned thoroughly after use and stored safely.

It is best to use separate mopping equipment for the polished floor, to avoid any transference of stronger chemicals that may be used on other floor surfaces. This should also ensure the equipment remains clean and uncontaminated.

Suggested maintaining solutions

Johnsons Carefree floor polish maintainer solution.

Jangro perfumed floor maintainer.