External Patio Cleaning

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External paving is a great choice for the finishing off of any outside area. It comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and can be tailored to suit all budgets. At the top end of the market you will find natural stone, Marble, Granite or Slate and for the more moderate budget you can find Cement paving slabs or block paving in brick.

All will provide a neat easy maintenance solution for patios or driveways. Easy maintenance does not mean maintenance free though. Annul patio cleaning will be required to keep the external area looking fresh and presentable.

Over the winter period most paving and brick blocks will accumulate algae, lichen and moss as well as a build up of dirt and soils. This mess clings to the surface of the stone or brick and can be difficult to remove without the use of chemicals and high pressure washers.

There can be issues when using these tools if the operator is untrained and not familiar with the strong chemicals that often contain alkalis or acids. These chemicals can damage some natural stone products as can the unregulated use of a concentrated jet of high pressurised water.

Natural stone paving will also require sealing to protect the stone from staining that can often occur from the spillage of food or drinks during the summer seasons. There are patio sealers available on general sale, however if using one of these make sure first it is suitable for the surface you intend applying it to. In general any sealer that goes on natural stone should be an impregnator that will absorb down into the stone and create a barrier to stop the penetration of staining.

The impregnating seal will allow the stone to breath and moisture to escape and not become trapped within the stone, thus potentially creating efflorescence or surface damage. There are some high gloss type sealers on sale for external paving but these are more suitable for concrete based products and it is not advisable to use these on natural stone.

Taking the above measures into account will help you to make the transformation of a dirty stained old patio into a fresh clean outside space, where you can relax and enjoy the warm summer days.

If you are unsure where to start or would rather have the task taken care of by others you can contact a specialist stone floor cleaning company for advice and a quote.