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Wood floor finishes and Sealer’s

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Wood Floor Finishing

Wooden flooring designed for residential property is typically sold these days with a pre finished surface. The two main types of wood floor sealer used to finish engineered wood are oil and lacquer.

Prior to the final seal being applied in the factory a range of other procedures can be done to the flooring to create a range of different effects.


How to apply wood floor polish

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How to apply wood floor polish

Polished hard wood flooring is very popular for several good reasons. It’s stylish, hard wearing and it can transform the appearance and feel of any room into a modern and contemporary space.

The polish will require regular cleaning and from time to time additional maintenance

Revitalising Wood Floors – Strip & Polish or Sand & Seal ?

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Worn Hardwood Floor

One of the frequent questions we get asked about wood floor cleaning is what’s the best method to use for revitalizing wood floors?  Their are different options available, so I have laid out some basic differences to help.

Their are several methods of revitalising wood floor and they are all dependant on (a) what  condition the floor is in and (b)  what finish has been previously applied to the floor surfaces.