Wood floor finishes and Sealer’s

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Wood Floor Finishing

Wooden flooring designed for residential property is typically sold these days with a pre finished surface. The two main types of wood floor sealer used to finish engineered wood are oil and lacquer.

Prior to the final seal being applied in the factory a range of other procedures can be done to the flooring to create a range of different effects.

These procedures can include simple staining or tinting of the product to change or enhance its natural colour. Other procedures can distress the wood or open the grain to create a more unfinished appearance, even though ultimately the finish product is sealed.

Wood flooring when processed for a finish is graded into one of four categories, prime, select, natural and rustic. These various grades take into account aspects like the natural grain of the timber as well as size and number of knots in the wood.

Wood floor with polished finish


Within the two main types of wood floor sealer and polish there are many sub categories and variations of products and brands. As well as a few less frequently used finishes such as Varnish, Soap and Wax.

If the wood floor finish or product was already installed prior to your occupation of the property. It can sometimes be difficult to determine what type of finish was actually applied.

Refreshing or re-application of some types of finishes is required periodically. This extends the life of the finish and also serves to protect the wood flooring form unnecessary wear or damage.

Cleaned and Oiled Oak Floor

Wood floor cleaning can eventually erode the surface protection especially if the wrong type of cleaning agent is applied in the washing solution. It is important to always read the instructions on a products label prior to use.

In some cases what may appear to be a suitable product from a picture or photo on the label may not be suitable for your particular floor finish.


Prior to applying a fresh coat of wood floor seal or oil, it may be necessary to first strip off the old coatings.

If for instance the floor has been treated with a wood floor polish or an emulsion dressing designed to enhance the appearance. It will be good practice to remove the old coating by the method known as floor polish stripping prior to cleaning and re-application of a fresh coating.