Cleaning Commercial Staircases

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Commercial staircase cleaning

Commercial premises everywhere have a similar issue when it comes down to maintaining the hard floor surfaces; budget.

Often in commercial buildings the entrance floor is cleaned and maintained to a reasonable standard by daily or weekly cleaning. In a vast array of different premises that are home to an equally large spread of businesses the front of house always gets more attention that the rest of the premises.

Areas that suffer with poorer maintenance in terms of hard floor cleaning are often rear staircases or fire escape staircase.

Fire escape staircases should be cleaned and maintained to comply with regulations, however this is often overlooked and we find some really expensive flooring types like Terrazzo and Stone are left year on year with just the occasional wash down that only manages to achieve the spreading of the dirt and soiling from one level to another.

Budget often plays a part in the commercial staircases decline, after all most customers or building users will enter and exit through the front of the building and use the lifts to travel up and down within the building. Thus the building management will focus their budget and attention more towards those areas.

It will often be left to a specialist floor cleaning company to deal with the results of the neglected areas as after some time they will get into a condition that is beyond the capacity of the in-house cleaning team to tackle.

Some of the common issues that commercial staircases suffer are an accumulation of soiling to the edges and corners of the steps and landings. Even when there is a cleaning schedule in place often the hard floor will only get a quick clean down with a broom or mop; often the corners and edges are missed or worse the soiling is transferred into these areas by a dirty mop and left to dry into the floor.

Stone flooring or Terrazzo is a common type of flooring to find on commercial staircases. It is used because of its durability and relative ease of maintenance. The issues arise when the floor is left unclean or when harsh chemicals are regularly used on this floor type. The stone will become even more porous, thus allowing the soiling to seep into the stone, once this occurs any amount of regular cleaning will not shift the dirt.

Deep cleaning the floor will be necessary to restore it to a presentable and functional level. With most types of stone a stone floor sealer will also be required to protect the floor and in order to close the stone pours a polishing product or process can be employed to harden off the surface again.

Although stone is the most popular floor surface for commercial buildings, vinyl can also be found in many corridors and staircases. Modern buildings using vinyl will normally opt for non slip safety flooring; however the older type sheet vinyl has been installed in many commercial premises and like all other flooring will also require periodic deep cleaning and polishing