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Cleaning and Oiling Wood Floors

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Dirty Oiled Oak Hardwood Floor

Natural wood is one of the most beautiful surfaces that can be used for flooring. More and more consumers wish their floors to look as natural as possible and oil finishes are becoming increasingly popular. The oil finish is designed to absorb into the wood surface and leave the surface looking completely natural. Some oils have now been developed to leave a slight sheen although matt is by far the preferred choice.

Maintaining oiled floors is relatively simply, however some basic points should be adhered to…..


Wood Floor Cleaning – The Problem with Pets

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Hard wood floors have been popular for centuries. Once a sign of wealth, they are now becoming increasingly popular in households and certainly add a touch of class wherever they are found. A newly installed wood floor looks great, but it is amazing how quickly a floor can lose its visual appeal if it is not cared for properly. Pets add a further complication.


Wood floor cleaning – maintenance tips

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Hard wood flooring is becoming increasingly popular in both domestic and commercial environments due it its attractive natural appearance, longevity and natural resistance.  It is, unfortunately, not the easiest type of flooring to keep in pristine condition, but there are several tips to help you maintain your floor in good condition, and to identify what type of action is necessary should your floor begin to dull and have an unsatisfactory appearance.

Hard floor cleaning – Hardwood cleaning tips

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Hardwood flooring offers a richness and warmth and outstanding natural beauty and if carefully cared for will last a very long time.  It is not a cheap option, but with maintenance it will prove to be a solid investment, if you know how to look after it correctly.

There are several tips as to how to look after your floor and here we will focus on the ‘do not’ list – focusing on that fact that prevention of damage is the best way to maintain the floor.  There are several elements with which care should be taken:

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