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Wooden Floor Cleaning Service – What to expect?

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It may seem like there is an obvious and definitive answer to the above question. However our experience shows that when customers are looking to get their wooden floor cleaned they may not be aware of the various levels of service. These range from deep cleaning to full renovation.


Cleaning Hardwood Floor with a Steam Mop?

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I get asked on a regular basis if steam mops are suitable for cleaning hardwood floors? My own opinion, based on cleaning hardwood floors over a period of years is that I would not use one. 


Bona Finish Wood Floor Maintenance Guide

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Care and Maintenance instructions for floors finished with Bona Mega/ Traffic or Naturale
Immediate care after finish has just dried


Maintaining Polished Floors

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Floor should be swept and dust mopped daily,   following which soiling and marking can be removed using the appropriate method (or combination of methods for a ( systems approach) described below. 

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