Hard Floor Cleaning


A Guide to Commercial Hard Floor Cleaning

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A Guide to Commercial Hard Floor Cleaning

There is no definitive description of how to clean hard flooring in commercial buildings other than each cleaning schedule should be practicable, fit for purpose for the particular flooring and take into account  the frequency the floor requires cleaning.


How to apply wood floor polish

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How to apply wood floor polish

Polished hard wood flooring is very popular for several good reasons. It’s stylish, hard wearing and it can transform the appearance and feel of any room into a modern and contemporary space.

The polish will require regular cleaning and from time to time additional maintenance

Limestone Bathroom Floor Restoration (Why Limestone is a great choice)

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Limestone Floor in need of restoration

Limestone flooring is a perfect choice for a bathroom; it’s light, natural and adds a sense of elegance to finish off that special room in the house that has fast become a retreat as well as a functional area.


Stone Floor Restoration Costs

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Stone Floor Restoration Costs

There are various levels of service and costs for restoring stone floors; the service level will be dependent upon the condition of the floor. The levels range from a general stone clean and seal to full stone floor restoration by grinding the surface off with diamond disks and polishing to restore the smoothness of the surface.

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