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Preparing hard floors for summer

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With warmer weather now upon us we instinctively wish to improve the ventilation for our homes, this means the opening up of windows and doors to improve the natural air flow throughout our homes. Where many homes now have patio or sliding doors opening onto external areas this exposure to the outdoors will invariably lead to a heightened ingress of contaminants like dusts, grit and soils.  These will be transported in on shoes or by pets and the wind and will begin to cause damage to the floor.

The beauty of hardwood flooring

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and how to preserve it

Hardwood flooring is a popular choice of flooring in both commercial and domestic settings, and came to prominence as an alternative to carpet as homeowners looked for a durable floor that was easier to maintain and would last for many years.  This has not always been the case however and hardwood floors were once a luxury affordable only to a select section of society, and lack of knowledge of how to install it led originally to the perception that it wasn’t a long term option.

Revitalising Wood Floors – Strip & Polish or Sand & Seal ?

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Worn Hardwood Floor

One of the frequent questions we get asked about wood floor cleaning is what’s the best method to use for revitalizing wood floors?  Their are different options available, so I have laid out some basic differences to help.

Their are several methods of revitalising wood floor and they are all dependant on (a) what  condition the floor is in and (b)  what finish has been previously applied to the floor surfaces.


Polished Quarry Tiled Floors – How Do You Clean Them?

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Cleaning polished quarry tiled floors can be a substantial job. If you have lovingly added layer after layer of floor polish to your tiled floor surface or you have been unlucky enough to have inherited such a floor, you could well now be looking at a floor surface that’s appearance instead of improving with cleaning and polishing is actually looking worse.If your tiled floor surface resembles what has been described, you must cease adding polish to the surface. The problem is that after a certain amount of layers of polish has built up on the tile surface, it will start to look dull instead of the bright, fresh appearance desired.
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