Commercial Floor Cleaning, does your floor look good?

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Specialist knowledge is required to achieve the best results when deep cleaning commercial flooring. Does your cleaning contractor know how to take care of the floors in your building?

It may well be taken for granted that the cleaning contractor that you hire has the specialist knowledge required to clean the floor and maintain it to an exceptional standard. You would expect that they have? However many general cleaning companies simply do not have the training or equipment to do more than provide a simple basic daily cleaning program.

This will in general consist of basic sweeping and mopping of the floor. Some companies may have a buffing machine and can buff the floor occasionally to maintain a shine to a reasonable standard.

Most companies however will not possess the required skills and resources that will really create that wow factor that should be achieved in prime areas of the building. What does the reception of your building look like? This area creates a first and lasting impression in the minds of most visitors to the building.

The flooring here, regardless of what material it is made of should be pristinely clean and if the flooring is meant to have a sheen or shine, it should make a fresh, pleasing impression.

 Polished stone reception floor

Floors that appear worn or lacklustre detract from that all important impression. It doesn’t matter if it’s your own staffs that sees the floor day in and day out or an occasional visitor. Being clean and well maintained makes a very good impression that is important to the overall feel of the business.

All commercial flooring periodically will require some specialist commercial floor cleaning and treatment to protect and maintain the surface from erosion or damage. The principal is the same for all flooring types, left unattended the surface oil’s, seal or polishes will eventually breakdown and leave the flooring unprotected and prone to wear or damage.

When surface protection wears off the flooring quickly starts to pick up soiling that becomes imbedded into the surface. Scratching occurs and in natural materials like stone or wood the floor surface begins to appear grey or discoloured.

At this point a good cleaning company will recognise that periodic maintenance is required and seek the expertise of a specialist commercial floor cleaning company. The specialists can restore the floor to a point where it both looks fantastic and is performing in top condition again.  This enables the regular contractor to maintain it to an acceptable level again.

If the regular cleaning contractors attempt to try and improve the appearance or performance of the floor without the correct skill, knowledge and equipment it can make the floor look worse or even permanently damage the surface.

A common issue that arises with polished floors is the over application of seal or dressings. This attempted solution can sometimes make a short term impression that the floor looks better for a period; however problems are just being stored up that will take a lot more effort and cost to resolve later.

Cleaning companies that use these short term solutions often choose the wrong type of seal or process of application and the results can appear very poor and unsightly.

All floors should be maintained to a hygienic and high standard, good floors pay dividends. When efforts fall short however, it often costs the proprietor or business owner in losses that are counted in more than just the price of correction.