Safe Carpet Cleaning Methods

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In today’s society more and more people are looking for safe carpet cleaning methods that they can utilise. Most of the chemicals that are found in the most common cleaners are detrimental to the environment and to humans in general. No one can really feel good about using chemicals like this on the very floor they’ll be walking on. There is natural and safe carpet cleaning methods that you can use to get the same results as the traditional cleaners.
Vinegar is your best friend when it comes to cleaning things around the house in a very safe way. It’s all natural and very cheap. The reason it is so popular is due to the fact that it will kill mold, germs, and bacteria because of its acidity.

When it comes to cleaning carpets, you just have to add one part of vinegar for ten parts of water. All you have to do is apply it to any stains or mold that you find on the carpet. Allow it to sit for a little bit and you can pat out the stain. The smell of vinegar will stick around for a little bit and doesn’t truly disappear until everything is fully dried. An effective way of using this is to put the mixture in a spray bottle and just spray it on whatever you need cleaned.

Another safe carpet cleaning method is baking soda. Sometimes there will be dirt in your carpet, but you can’t really see it. It usually has a smell. Typically if you have a dog as a pet, you can smell it in the rooms that they frequent. The carpet always absorbs the dirty smell of the dog and most people don’t realise that simple baking soda solves the problem. You just have to sprinkle it on the carpet and leave it. The carpet will absorb it and let go of the odor of the dog.

A lot of people don’t realise this, but cornstarch is an amazing substance that can clean a carpet. I probably wouldn’t use this for day to day cleaning or anything along those lines. Sometimes you’ll get a stain or spill that isn’t a typical item. Imagine spilling some grease on the carpet. Most people would assume they’d need the heavy-duty chemicals to clean that, but the safe carpet cleaning method is to use cornstarch. It has a property of easily lifting out any sort of grease or oily stain in a carpet.

The last method you can take advantage of is a steamer. All that essentially cleans the carpet is boiling hot steam. It will kill the mold, germs and bacteria that make your carpet look dirty. This is a little rougher on the carpet than the other methods listed above, but it is still a very effective method. There are plenty of hand held steamers that can be bought at the store for getting out stains with relative ease.

You don’t always have to go with the traditional chemical based cleaning products. Be an environmentally friendly citizen and do it the safe way.