How to Clean a Rug

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A lot of people think that cleaning a carpet is the same way as cleaning a rug. Even though they are similar in nature, the cleaning methods for both can be quite different. Rugs tend to be the items that take much more abuse, absorb much more dirt and require much more cleaning than carpet. The great thing about a rug is that you can move it. Since it isn’t stationary, you can do all sorts of different cleaning methods to it. That’s why I’m going to show you how to clean a rug the proper way.
One of the most common methods for cleaning a rug is taking it outside, hanging it up and hitting it with a stick (or broom). It’s about the most primitive way of doing things. You’re essentially knocking the dirt out of the fibers that make up the rug. It is quite an effective method for a rug that is walked on a lot with shoes; it isn’t quite as effective as other kinds of rugs. Sometimes you need to do a little more to it, to really get an effective cleaning.

Shampooing is a great way to give it a deep down cleaning. This is a lot easier since you can take the rug outside. All you need is some cold water and detergent to clean it. Just use your hands to lather it in. Use cold water to rinse it off and just hang it up to let it dry. This should get most of the dirt on the carpet and also get any dirt that is stuck in the fibers. Make sure it is fully dried before you bring it back in the house. If it still has moisture in it, you could easily attract mold into the house.

If you get any sort of spill or stain on the rug, you don’t have to wash the whole thing. There are ways to tackle just the stain. Surprisingly the methods that are used on carpets can come in quite handy here. Vinegar is probably about the best. Just mix water and vinegar, apply it to the stain. You shouldn’t scrub that stain, but only try to dab it up. This is so the stain doesn’t get embedded deeper into the carpet.

To conclude on how to clean a rub, it isn’t that hard. The simple and most primitive way is simply taking it outside and beating it with a stick. This should get all the loose dirt off of it. If you’re looking to give it a real deep cleaning, you can do a shampooing. All you need is some water and detergent. Make sure you allow the rug to properly dry before you take it back in your home. Lastly, you can treat strains or spills on the rug with a vinegar-water solution.